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Xcelsoir loans south africa

XCELSIOR provides short-term loans when you need cash flow fast with no credit checks

Interest Rate (p.a.)

Pay your interest and fees to extend your loan term or pay in full to receive your vehicle in the same condition as we received it.

Loan Tenure

Сalculated individually

Approval Duration

In 30 min

Min. monthly income

No requirements defined. This is a secured loan. You need to be a vehicle owner.

About Xcelsior Loans


Xcelsior loans is an innovative short term cash loan provider operating in South Africa.  Xcelsior loans has been operating for the last 25 years in the South African environment so they understand the personal loan environment and have perfected their short term loan solution.

Xcelsior loans makes cash loans against assets such as motor vehicles, trucks or motor bikes.  They can even loan against items like Jet Skiis.

In order to qualify for Xcelsior loans, one must meet the following requirements:

  • The asset under consideration must be registered in your name
  • The borrower must be 18 years or older

Xcelsior loans is registered with National Credit Regulator so all transactions done with them are above board and in line with the laws of South Africa.

Why Choose Xcelsior Loans?

Xcelsior is the leading short term asset based lender in South Africa.  The biggest advantage of Xcelsior short term loans is that no credit checks are done on you.

Even if you are blacklisted, your loan will still be approved as long as you have the asset to be brought to Xcelsior as security.

For those who are not South African citizens, but own a vehicle asset in South Africa, they are also eligible for a loan from Xcelsior.

How to Apply?

If you want an Xcelsior loan, you just need to go onto the Xcelsior loans website:


Fill in the required information which is basically your details and contact numbers as well as the amount required.

Make sure you own the asset you intend to put up as collateral.  An agent from Xcelsior will contact you to assess the asset you have available as security.

 Apply for a short term loan from Xcelsior

There are several ways to apply for a short term loan from Xcelsior as Xcelsior understands the different needs of the different kinds of applicants in South Africa.

One can use one of the following methods below:

  • Send an sms to with the words “Quick Cash” to the number 41235 and the people at Xcelsior loans will call you back.
  • Filling in the form on the Xcelsior site and clicking the apply button. You will get a call back from the agents at Xcelsior loans.

Once you have submitted the application, the agents will immediately assess the asset that you have as collateral.  Once this is done and you are happy with the amount approved, this amount is immediately paid to your account via EFT so that the funds are immediately available to you.

How Xcelsoir Loans helps you?

Excelsior loans is there to help you in your time of need.  When even the most flexible lenders refuse to lend to you because you do not have a South African ID or you have a bad credit record, Xcelsior is ready to step in.

All you need is an asset in the form of a motor vehicle, truck or motor bike and you can apply for a short term cash loan.

You do not need to sell your asset.  Xcelsior will keep the asset in one of their safe storage facilities till the loan is paid back. 

Besides all this Xcelsior also uses a secure platform to secure your information so your information is always kept private.

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