Authorised Financial Services and Registered Credit Provider that focuses on short term personal loans; we are committed to responsible lending

Interest Rate (p.a.)


Loan Tenure

7 - 120 days

Approval Duration

Up to 7 working days

Min. monthly income


Union Loans Quick and Qasy Loan

Union Loans offer customers access to a quick and easy solution for short term loan services. The company is known to provide payday loan services to its customers with minimal added fees. This is certainly a benefit over some of the other South African lenders. Many competitors tend to charge more significant fees on loans.

Union Loans is registered with the National Credit Regulation (NCR) in South Africa and also a member of several financial institutions in the country, including Credit Ombud, MFSA, and the National Debt Mediation Association. What this means is that the company believes in responsible lending – they conduct appropriate credit checks on all customers and ensure an applicant can afford a new loan on their credit record before making a final approval.

The application process at Union Loans is a bit lengthier than with some of the alternatives customers can choose from when looking for a payday loan service provider, but the lower fees charged on loans is something that makes many customers choose Union loans over other companies.

About Union Loans

How To Apply For A Loan?

Getting started with an application at Union Loans is relatively straightforward. The entire application is made online, and there is no need to visit any offices in order to sign documents or finalize the payday loan contract.

The customer will need to start by selected the amount of money they would like to borrow from the company. The loan amounts at Union Loans are very flexible, ranging from as little as R100 up to R3000. The customer should ensure they are able to repay the amount they require by their next payday before they make a final decision on the loan amount.

Once the loan amount has been selected, the customer needs to tell Union Loans over how many days they would like to borrow the money. The loan period can range from seven days up to 120 days. Again, the customer should ensure the date of repayment selected is an appropriate date – a debit order will go off on their bank account on this date.

The customer then enters their ID number in the provided box and click on the “Apply Now” button. Instead of wasting a customer’s time, a few pre-checks will be done on the customer’s ID number before they are asked to complete any lengthy forms. Upon pre-approval, an application needs to be submitted, along with the supportive documents, for the company to provide the customer with final approval.

What Union Loans Offer Clients

The fees at Union Loans are lower than many competing payday loan providers in South Africa. There is an initiation fee, service fee, interest, and VAT to be added to a loan in order for the customer to determine the repayment amount. The initiation fee and service fee depending on how much money the customer needs and the selected loan period. Interest is charged at 3% per month, or 36% APR. An R2000 payday loan over a period of 20 days will incur a total amount of R393 in fees, for example.



Apply online and make sure your information is accurate as possible because we will communicate with you via information you provided.


Based on the information you supplied to us we will evaluate the application for a loan offer.


UNION LOANS is an authorised Financial Services and a Regulated Credit Provider and because we are responsible lenders we would like to make sure that we choose the relevant product to suit the relevant Client.


As a responsible lender, we will never lend our Clients more than they can afford. Our assessment team will make sure affordability’s are done correctly and efficiently before signing it off.


Most people have the money within 60 minutes, but sometimes it may take longer depending on your bank, or if you applied after 3pm on a business day or after hours.

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