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Need a Payday Loan Today?  We’ll help you get it. 

Interest Rate (p.a.)

5% upwards on the value of your loan

Loan Tenure

1 - 6 months

Approval Duration

From 5 min to 4 days

Min. monthly income


Hoopla Loans Quick cash Payday loans

Hoopla Loans is a trusted online broker that helps South Africans to find quick cash payday loans.

Because Hoopla Loans is a broker rather than a lender, you won’t borrow money from the company directly. Instead, they have a panel of reputable banks and other financial service providers. When you apply for a loan with Hoopla Loans, your request is sent to those companies that are most likely to be able to help you.

This means that Hoopla Loans has a very high success rate. Even if your credit history is very bad or you’ve been blacklisted, Hoopla Loans says one of their partners might still be able to help you.

Why Use Hoopla Loans?

Some lenders are very difficult to contact. But because Hoopla Loans has them all in a single panel, you can reach those companies a lot easier. Hoopla Loans takes care of it all for you without charging you any fees.

The application process is entirely online. Hoopla Loans uses very high-level data security to encrypt your information so no one can see or steal it. The only people who will have access to your information are Hoopla Loans and the lenders they send your application to. They take security very seriously and follow South African Data Protection laws at all times.

Getting a loan with bad credit history or after being blacklisted by a bank is very difficult. Most lenders also want you to work for the same employer for at least 6 months before they agree to lend you any money. But Hoopla Loans helps you reach creditors who are more likely to approve your loan even if you fall into one of those categories.

How to Apply

Applying for a payday loan through Hoopla Loans is very quick and easy. Everything is done online. The longest you’ll ever have to wait to hear back is 1-4 hours during Hoopla Loans’ office hours. If you don’t get an immediate notification, they’ll send you an SMS or email, or call you.

To qualify for a payday loan with Hoopla Loans, you need to:

  • Be a South African citizen;
  • Have a full-time job;
  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Earn at least R5,000 every month;
  • Agree to lenders doing a credit check; and
  • Not be under debt review when you apply.

How Hoopla Loans Helps You

No matter what your situation, as long as you meet their requirements, Hoopla Loans will help you find a loan. The creditors on their panel have interest rates starting as low as 5% depending on your credit history, but won’t charge more than 27.5%.

You can use your payday loan for anything you want. The money is yours, as long as you can pay it back in the monthly installments the lender asks for.

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