Need a Payday Loan? Instant Approval, No Paperwork.

Interest Rate (p.a.)


Loan Tenure

30 days

Approval Duration

Up to 7 working days

Min. monthly income


Little Loans online SA

Little Loans is an online broker service that offers customers 24/7 access to a loan referral service. The company has partnered up with some of the most trusted payday loan providers in South African in order to help customers understand which companies might be able to assist them with a short term loan until their next salary date.

Little Loans is not an NCR registered service provider or a direct lender. This is an important factor that customers do need to take note of. When applying for a loan at Little loans, the customer’s details will be analyzed and matched with appropriate lenders in the country. The customer is then presented with a list of payday loan lenders that might be able to assist them, based on the information they provided.

While many of the online brokers that offer similar services as Little Loans tend to charge fees if the customer wants to make use of their services, it should be noted that this particular company offers a free service – customers are not required to pay any fees or submit their banking details directly to Little Loans.

How To Apply For A Loan?

Applying for a loan with Little Loans is really a two-step process. A customer needs to visit their website and fill out a short form. The details that the customer enter will be analyzed by the system in order to match the customer with appropriate payday loan service providers – the system is equipped with a script that knows about the criteria each partnered lender uses in order to qualify a customer for a loan.

Once a customer has entered their details, the system will see if any of the partnered lenders might be able to help the customer with a short term loan. A new page is then loaded with a list of lenders that the company has partnered up with – along with information about the possibility of each lender assisting the customer with a payday loan.

The customer is then able to choose which of the matched service providers they would like to go with. Once the customer clicks on the appropriate button, they are then taken to a third-party website – which will be an application form on the selected lender’s website. The customer then needs to complete their application at the lender directly.

What Little Loans Offer Customers

Customers in need of fast little loans no credit check should note that Little Loans does not conduct credit checks on their side directly, but once the customer chooses a lender they would like to complete their application at, a credit check will likely be conducted.

The company processes more than 2500 payday loans on a day-to-day basis, making them one of the more popular brokers in South Africa.

The company also does not charge the customer any fees for the use of their services, and there is no need to submit any paperwork directly to Little Loans for an application to be processed.

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