Loan SA

Apply for a personal loan up to R150 000.

Interest Rate (p.a.)

20.00% - 27.00%

Loan Tenure

6 - 60 months

Approval Duration

3 min - 24 hours

Min. monthly income

No requirements defined

LoanSA your money today

Loan SA is a service provider that specializes in helping a client find a loan that suits their particular needs, while also taking the client’s unique credit profile into account. The company is also able to offer the client access to a range of added benefits to help ensure the customer understands their credit report. The company offers different types of loan finding services to help the client gain access to personal loans, vehicle finance, and debt consolidation loans. 85*9666

Why Use Loan SA?

The unique service package that is offered by Loan SA is what makes them a preferred choice for thousands of people. The company has developed a unique 4-in-1 package. This includes a variety of services that help the client not only gain access to the financial services that they may need but also access to a monthly credit report.

The application process at SA Loan is also done online. There is no need for the client to visit a local office. The client simply needs to visit the official Loan SA website. Once on the site, a simple process allows the customer to sign up for the company’s service package.

The client then gains access to a client zone where they will have access to the services that are part of this package. The client can immediately make use of the loan finding service. Additional services are then also provided on the client zone.

How To Apply?

Apply for a loan with the help of LoanSA is quick and easy, and takes less than three minutes for most clients. The client can apply for a loan on their desktop computer or directly from their mobile phone. The first step is to fill out a pre-qualification form, which can be found on the homepage or on the “Apply Online” page.

Once this form has been filled out, the client will be notified if they can continue their application or not. Upon pre-qualification, the client is able to fill out a more extensive application form. This form will then match the client with appropriate lenders who could assist the individual with their financial requirements.

The client is also sent a username and password for accessing the client zone after they have successfully applied ad signed a mandate.

How Loan SA Helps You?

Loan SA’s 4-in-1 package gives you access to three different types of loan services. These include:

  • Personal Loans;
  • Debt Consolidation;
  • Vehicle Finance.

Clients are able to use the loan finding service for their personal financial needs. It is also possible to consolidate multiple debts into one single installment with the help of the debt consolidation services. Individuals who are interested in buying a new car can utilize vehicle finance services.

Additionally, the client is provided with a monthly credit report, delivered to them via email. There are also referral services that give the client access to discounted rates on hotels, flights, and even free insurance quotations. Furthermore, the service package also gives you access to legal assistant services to help you in your hour of need.

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