An online loans service you can use to get a loan around the clock, seven days a week. 

Interest Rate (p.a.)

20.00% - 50.00%

Loan Tenure

4 - 35 days

Approval Duration

Up to 5 minutes

Min. monthly income


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Lime24 it is 100% free and legal

Lime24 is a direct lender in South Africa that offer customers access to convenient payday loan services at any time. These payday loans can be of great assistance for people who are struggling to make ends meet during the month, such as in cases where an emergency comes up, and they are in need of urgent cash in their bank account. The company has been established as a trusted short term loan provider in the company, and thousands of customers are already using their services to help them get through the month when things get tough.

Lime24 is registered with the NCR as a credit provider and does not act as a broker, but rather a lender that will pay money out to clients directly, without the use of third-party financial providers. This makes the process of applying for a payday loan at Lime24 and obtaining the cash much faster compared to experience with a broker for such a financial service.
The company offers different types of payday loan services, depending on the customer’s income and their general credit history and profile.


How To Apply For A Loan?

Customers interested in applying for a payday loan at Lime24 will need to visit the company’s official website in order to start their application. The company does everything on the internet, which leads to faster turnaround time and instant approval, compared to having to drive all the way to a financial provider's office and still wait more than 24 hours for approval.

Once the customer lands on the company’s website, they will need to use two sliders on the homepage to select the terms of their loan. The specific amount that will be made available to the customer depends on a few factors. Basic Lime24 loans are limited to under R1800, but some customers may qualify for as much as R5400 in total.

The loan term also needs to be selected. This can range from four days up to 35 days. The customer is advised to choose their next salary date as the payment date for the loan.

It is important to note that higher loan amounts and longer terms lead to more fees being added to the customer’s payday loan. The interest is calculated on a day-to-day basis. Additional service fees and an initiation fee is also added to the loan.

What Lime24 Offer Customers

Lime24 has four different types of payday loans that customers can make use of. This includes LIME Start, LIME Silver, LIME Gold, and VIP. The specific option that a customer would qualify for depends on whether the customer is new to the company or have already taken out a loan with them in the past. Other factors taken into consideration is the customer’s credit record, as well as their existing income bracket.

In most Lime24 reviews, customers state that they have been able to obtain the money they applied for paid into their bank account on the very same day of their application.

The company is also able to provide payment through an eWallet service to some customers.

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