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Get An Instant Loan Decision & Immediate Approval Now. We Assist All Credit Types & Payout Approved Loans Within The Hour. No Upfront Fees Or Hidden Costs.

Interest Rate (p.a.)

86 %

Loan Tenure

1 - 36 Months

Approval Duration


Min. monthly income


Money Mouse Online Loan provider

Money Mouse is a referral service for customers looking to take out different types of loans, including payday loans. The company has done thorough research in order to determine who the best financial service providers in South Africa are, as well as which options are more appropriate for customers with a bad credit record. This makes Money Mouse superior to many other brokers in the country, as the majority of brokers require a good credit record before they will be able to match a customer’s profile with an appropriate lender.

Money Mouse has an online system that allows customers to easily submit an application, which will then be referred to appropriate lenders based on the data that the customer provides the company with. The company is partnered with a range of different lenders, including a number of credit providers that specifically focus on payday loan services.

The company only serves customers in South Africa who are local citizens and have a number of criteria they list – customers interested in using the services provided by Money Mouse should ensure they meet the criteria before submitting an application.

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How To Apply For A Loan?

Customers have 24/7 access to submitting an online application to Money Mouse. The company does not have a local office where customers need to go in order to apply for a payday loan – instead, the entire process is done directly on the company’s official website.

A customer should first ensure they read through the criteria listed on the Money Mouse website prior to submitting their details in order to apply for a payday loan. If the customer finds that they do fall within the criteria that have been listed, they should click on the appropriate “apply” button – an application form will load, which the customer then needs to complete.

Customers interested in a payday loan service should set the preferred loan period to one single month and ensure the amount listed at the appropriate location is not higher than R8000 – this is the maximum that the partnered lenders are able to offer customers in terms of payday loans specifically.

After the application has been submitted to Money Mouse successfully, the staff at the company will start to process the details that the customer has sent them. They will then determine the best payday loan company for the customer to utilize, based on the provided details.

What Money Mouse Offers Clients

An instant result in terms of lenders that can be matched to a customer’s details are often available on the Money Mouse website – this means most customers will not have to wait several hours before further details are provided to them. Furthermore, Money Mouse does not charge any fees for the use of their services. There are a lot of brokers in South Africa who tend to charge customers fees if they wish to make use of their loan referral services.

What Money Mouse Offers Clients
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  1. hi I need a loan not really sure how it works call me at 074 877 7978 need R3000 for 12 months period pay out .

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